Frequently Asked Questions

Jess has some answers...


Who is Jess?

    Hi! Jess here :) I'm Maggie's big sister and business partner. I handle all of the business stuff, so I'm the one who answers your calls and emails (lucky Maggie). I don't post to Instagram, though. That's all her! I'll be at the Studio to greet you when you arrive, serve you lunch, and discuss anything related to the nuts and bolts of running a small business. My special talent? Packing! Whether you're flying across the planet or driving down the street, I will make sure your hard work is safe and ready for travel. 

    I'm a beginner. Will I be ok?

      Yes! Most workshops are for students of all levels. All you need is attention to detail and a lot of patience. Maggie's goal is for everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their work. Some workshops are geared toward professionals or pre-professionals. If you're feeling unsure, DM Maggie on Instagram. 

      How big are the classes?

        Each small group workshop is limited to 6 students so that Maggie can give everyone plenty of personal attention. Our custom-built (by Maggie's amazing husband Rob) individual workstations are equipped with all the tools you'll need to work safely. 

        Do you offer business consultations?

          Yes! Check out Business Consultation, and (drumroll, please) Artist in Residence.

          Where do students stay for workshops?

            Most students stay in Old Town Alexandria, a historic part of town that has many lovely hotels, restaurants, and shops. The studio is just a short walk from several really great places to stay. Washington DC is just a few metro stops away. I'm happy to give you more details about travel to the area- just send me an email at 

             How does the payment plan work?

              We offer payment plans through I chose this option because there is no interest and no credit check. It also allows you to customize your down payment and your payment schedule to fit your needs. If you have any questions, just email me at   

              Does Maggie teach baking or basic fondant techniques?

                Nope! Maggie's instructional focus is on decorating and sugar flowers (aka the fun stuff).